Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Levi's Six Month

Well hello again!
So the 26th of February marks Levi's six month birthday! We are very excited that our little boy is growing so much! He had his six month appointment, and everything is doing really well! The state is also going to pay for someone to come to our place and work with Levi's developmental skills as well, so that's really great! (There's no problems, he's just slightly behind with his motor skills.) This is expected and normal, since he was two months premature, but since it'll be free, and since they offer their service for this reason, we'll take advantage. :)

I (Jeremy) was sick for three days straight, and that was no good. I was just exhausted, and when I stood, I'd get a headache almost immediately. It was awful. Sick days can be nice, those were not nice days at all though, haha. Well, there is only two more months until we are visiting family! We are very excited about all that, and are very much looking forward to it!