Friday, February 01, 2008

all moved in

Well we are all moved in!

I spent nine hours moving in all of our stuff on Wednesday, and Matt came to join me for 2 1/2 hours of that. His help was much appreciated ;) Jenny stayed at the new place, and was arranging all of our things as we were bringing them in.

The new place is a studio apartment, and we love it! (It has a kitchen!) And surprisingly enough, it's actually cheaper!

It's so great to move in with the other Petersons, and we are truly glad that we are here for this time.

So today, Jenny, Heather, and Sydney were all sick. It wasn't good, and for some reason, the men are still healthy. (Matt and I) I don't get it, it just seems like the dads never get sick, it's always the mom and children, regardless of how much time they spend with the sick ones! (Doesn't seem fair, does it?!) Well, I'm ok with that.

So I took care of Jenny and Levi today, and they both were champs. Jenny and I watched some movies, and I was cleaning the new place while doing that as well. It was a busy time!

We (I, actually) am very excited for this coming Super Bowl! I am going to get to hang out with friends and enjoy snacks!!! Go Giants! (Always root for the underdog!)