Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hello Everyone!
Well we are finally getting ready to move into our new place! We are so excited! Man, it's surprising when you are packing up all your stuff, how much you really have! I like to keep possessions to the absolute minimum, and Jenny is pretty good at that too, so we are better than most, for sure.
Jenny is heading out of town this Tuesday, and will be in New York until NEXT Tuesday. She's going to meet with some friends and catch up with everyone, plus it's a great tax write-off :) So everyone wins!
I (Jeremy) am going to be home alone all week, so I will have to find something to do! I imagine I'll read and play Wii until I fall asleep or get hungry, then take care of those needs, then return to the reading or Wii playing.
Well, that's all for this week! Until next time!


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