Wednesday, December 05, 2007

christmas with the walds

Well, just a few days ago my family left Colorado, after driving down from Minnesota to spend Christmas with us! It was so much fun to see them again! We always enjoy their company.

They arrived Friday afternooon, and we got some pizza and hung out, finishing up the night by opening presents. We got a Nintendo Wii which was sooooo awesome! We were so excited to get that. Finally, a gaming system that Jenny and I can enjoy together.

Lately, we've been playing Wii Sports' Tennis, and Mario Galaxies, which are both really fun. Jenny beat me in Tennis for the first time yesterday, which was a crushing experience for myself. It was just awful :) We usually play Galaxies when we have about an hour of play time in, so we can complete a whole stage. We'll play Tennis when we have anything less than that amount of time. It's great!

Levi is doing really well. He's starting to get over his cold, and he's really happy. We are trying to get him to sleep a little earlier, and pushing his wake up time in the morning a little later. It's a tough little adjustment, but it's working really well. He's sleeping for up to nine hours already, which is awesome, and he's showing signs of wanting to eat a little earlier, and sleeping a little later, so that's what we are doing! He's loving his baths finally, which is also good. I think he enjoys the water more and more. It's not so scary for him. Well, that's all for this week! Look for new posts every Monday!