Monday, November 19, 2007

A Visitor!

So this week, we have a visitor!
Jenny's good friend from New York, Audrey, came to visit Saturday! We are excited to have her here.
So on Sunday, we went and ate at a restaurant, where, alas someone had a seizure. Jenny thought she heard someone say, "call 911", but... well... they did... So the waiter came over, and asked our table if anyone worked in the medical field. Audrey, hesitating, said that she did. The hesitation most likely came from a fear that the waiter was going to ask a very personal medical question about some rash or something. So he told her a man was having a seizure, and she went over and made sure he was ok by the time the fire dept came. She just stood guard, to make sure he was in the correct lying position. Exciting
So Audrey is going to stay till Friday or so, and we are going to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner from Boston Market (Thank you Ron!) with Matt, Heather, Sydney, Jenny, Levi, and myself. It'll be a great time!!!!
Signing off,